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I haven’t posted to ‘Ordinary Pastor‘ (one of my favourite blogs) for a long while. So, here you go! A mini series on church planting. Enjoy it here.

Note: Re-posting doesn’t always mean 100% agreement. 🙂


So, my Pastoral Assistant stiffed me and I haven’t had the time to prepare a full post today. On the plus side, you get to enjoy this great post from the ‘Ordinary Pastor’ here on this fascinating topic!

A thoughtful post here from The ordinary Pastor. I am not sure I would so gracious as he in handling this type of individual.

Apparently John MacArthur has kicked up a bit of a fuss with a swing at the Young, Reformed & Restless brigade in the USA. Read what he has to say here.One of my fav bloggers has then responded to this, I think very ably and graciously, here.

One of my favourite bloggers offers some helpful tips here.