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This is the third most popular blog posting of 2012.

When I came to Niddrie over 4 years ago there was a young woman involved in selling Heroin outside our doors in the car park. Most of the members were oblivious but I spotted it after about 2.1 seconds! Her name was Charlene and she had two young children. Before long she had heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and was interested in changing her life. At that time she was under huge pressure from her friends and family. Nearly everybody she knew was an addict of one form or another. It was her culture. It was her life. Slowly but surely she began to see the seriousness and hopelessness of her situation and began to understand the reality of the gospel, her sin predicament and the deep, abiding hope that could only be found in Jesus.

One day, after a particularly bad assault on her out side the church, I took her into the prayer room and read her the riot act. She was losing her life to this drug, she had no real friends and she had lost her children to the social services. She was a bum and her life was going down the toilet. Then, with the help of Sharon, our Women’s Worker, she began to get more serious. She attended an evangelistic Bible study and our weekly Recovery Course at the church and the Lord removed the scales from her eyes. She got ‘proper saved’ (as we say in these parts). It’s been a long, hard slog over the last 2 years but, last week, I had the privilege of baptising her. Over 100 people came to the service (some of her old drug acquaintances) and heard her give a clear testimony to the greatness of Jesus. Here is her story. We praise God for his grace and mercy!

NOTE: Charlene recently got married to one of our deacons and is one of the first local converts to be currently receiving training under our “Apprenticeship” scheme in the church.


Introducing Laura, the first young person to become a Christian in NCC in recent history.

Since Laura became a Christian around Easter Sunday this year there have been a couple of other young women in the community trusting in Jesus as their Saviour and following him as their Lord. We give thanks and praise to God for this, and for the growth and maturity in faith that we’re already seeing in them.

Last Monday evening, this small group of young women believers started a bible study for 3 or 4 of their non-Christian friends. We’re really encouraged by the response, and pray that the gospel would be proclaimed clearly each week. And that God, in his rich mercy, would open the eyes of these 3-4 young women to see the truth of the gospel and respond in repentance and faith.

Please join us in praying, and in the meantime, here’s Laura…

Aileen Adams’ testimony and baptism.

We have recently had another round of baptisms at the church. Listen to Dave’s testimony here.


Yesterday was a great day for NCC as we witnessed the baptism of 5 people; 4 grown men and my 11-year-old daughter, Keziah. I am going to put all of the testimonies on the site over the next few days but I am starting with Keziah today.

It was amazing listening to the stories of how different men had battled prison, drugs, mental health and family breakdown before the lord Jesus stepped into their lives and saved them. But, for me, as a dad and as a man with a similar testimony to the lads, I was moved by Keziah’s simple claim that she had ‘grown up in a Christian family.’

Wherever I travel in the country people always try to get me to tell my story because, I suspect, they love to hear the (supposed) excitement of it compared to their ‘boring and traditional’ stories. But, let me tell you, I would swap mine for the ‘Christian home’ story all day long. The point is we all need salvation, whether we’re a 40-year-old ex crack addict or an 11-year-old, drama loving school girl. Same sin problem, same wrath, same Jesus, same need of repentance and faith and same justification. The sanctification process is going to look a little messier but we all end up in glory. I hope you all enjoy the testimonies over the next few days.

I am still mulling this over in Niddrie. I am so slow to baptise here, largely because I fear doing it falsely and we end up with a community of people who ‘got baptised at the mission’ but are now nowhere with the Lord. we have seen so many profess faith over the years but 90% are nowhere. This is an ongoing battle. The attraction of baptising more people and we could baptise many) is that it makes look like a ministry is more successful and fruitful than it really is. One of the dangers, at least in my mind, of spontaneous baptism is that people do it in ‘the moment’ and don’t really count the cost of what it truly means to follow Christ and declare allegiance to Him publicly. Take a look at see what you think.

Here’s a bit of a meaty discussion from Themelios. The article linked here is a Paedobaptist response to a Baptistic argument. I am sure you can follow the links to all sides! Enjoy. Read it here.