I am showing this today in our service. It reminds us that even though creation screams out His majesty and wisdom, Ephesians 3:10 tells us that it is the church that is His megaphone to the spiritual realms.

  1. Great video. God rules over every scrap of matter in the universe. If this doesn’t make you worship..better check yourself for a pulse!

  2. Angele Ballentine says:

    megaphone to the spiritual realms…the phonelines to heavens? is that what you mean? because, if so, as you know, a tree can’t get you to heaven, only jesus can!

    however, if you like this short film i watched a GREAT documentary called GOD OF WONDERS. it was alot of science experts with strong christian beliefs. it was very cool to hear the truth instead of darwinism which i grew up with.

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