We are launching our Niddrie’s new church planting initiative in the next few weeks. We currently have a Facebook page which you can like here. This weekend we will be launching our new website. Last week, as many of you know, we launched in America at the SEBTs 2012, 9Marks Conference and we had an overwhelmingly positive response. We still have internal legal issues and policies to sort out but we are well on the way to seeing our first wave of gospel workers coming out within the next 12 months. I will, of course, be writing much more about our vision over the course of the next few months. I wanted to show you the following clip that was made for students in the states in order to challenge them about the needs we have in housing schemes in our country.

For a first stab I was very happy with it. This will not be the final edit because there are several things we need to change, craft, get rid of and adapt (not withstanding the fact it was filmed for an American context). But we are excited to think that God is going to stir up a generation of young men and women from around the world to come to Scottish housing schemes to help us rise up a future generation of church leaders, church planters and gospel workers. Please pray with us.


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