The Saddest Story You will Read This Year (if you love church planting)!! Closely Followed By Something Clever to Help You Think about Bible Translations!!

Posted: March 21, 2012 by mezmcconnell in Church Planting, Evangelism, Niddrie Community Church, Websites
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I picked up the following story from my mate’s blog and, even though he’d told me about it previously, I still felt depressed when reading it. Entitled, “Let Jesus make You Miserable” read it here. Parts of it make me smile because I know my friend so well. Parts of it make me sad because I know, like me, how desperate he is to reach his community with the good news of Jesus.

My friend has been quiet of late on the old blog posting front but he then came up with another cracker, entitled: “Does the New NIV Translation Really Suck that Badly?” You can read the post here. Now, being infinitely smarter than me, he’s actually answered a question I asked on a previous blog. He’s clever like that! I found the post really helpful in getting to grips with the basic foundations of the arguments over translations. The key is that he makes something so complicated so accessible for those of us not really clued up about all the etymological nuances in the area of translation work.


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