Forget Jesus: I Just Want to be Famous!

Posted: February 19, 2012 by mezmcconnell in Church Planting, Leadership/Ministry Training, Niddrie Community Church, Random Stuff, Recommended Resources, Websites

We may not be as crass to say it like that and we may not even think of it as directly as that, but I bet for many pastors trying to establish ministries, this muddled motivation has crossed our minds. With even limited success come a proliferation of invites to conferences, speaking engagements, books, reviews and articles. Trust me, it is easy to tell yourself the lie that when we do some of these things, we are doing it ‘for the kingdom’. When I read this article by Bob Hyatt on ‘The Dangerous Pursuit of Pastoral Fame’ I was immensely challenged. We must guard our hearts and ensure we have friends and mentors who are not afraid to hold us to account if we begin to get too big for our boots.

  1. Stephen Houghton says:

    This is a really good post. In all honesty this principle could go even further to anyone’s ministry. This could be a steward whoes duty is more of his identity than a desire to serve, or even seeking recognition for a minstry we do within the church. I’m far from immune to these temptations and we need to keep our guard up.

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