Planting Missional Churches

Posted: May 23, 2011 by mezmcconnell in Book Reviews, Church Planting, Missional Living
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I have just finished reading Stetzer’s latest book, ‘Planting Missional Churches – Planting a church that’s biblically sound and reaching people in culture.’

I have been reviewing it piece by piece, particularly with regard to the ’10 Marks of an Effective Plant’ series. As with all books there are good bits and there are bad. From a UK perspective it is quite hard to extrapolate the information required to make some of the principles work in our context. This really is a poor market in the UK, which I hope to do something to redress in the future. As for now, I have to say this is an immensely readable and practical book for any and all church planters. I highly recommend it as a credible textbook. It helps to investigate some of the deep issues of planting and offers some helpful websites and links to resources. Worth a punt.


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